• Can I request a specific time for delivery?

    Unfortunately, due to our large quantity of deliveries it is really difficult to specify an exact time. Circumstances such as traffic, time spent at previous deliveries and other issues outside of the driver’s control can substantially alter the anticipated time of delivery. We do however offer a service where our drivers will call 1 hour prior to delivery. In most cases this gives the customer the opportunity to get home and meet the driver.

  • I have selected CLICK and COLLECT – can I collect my goods at any time?

    Due to a number of factors we need to ensure our warehouses are manned safely so this means we can only operate on designated and specified times. To ensure we are staffed adequately and that your items (which can be very large in size) are picked, coordinated and ready at our pick-up docks for you – we require that every pick up customer books in for a collection time. We try to be as flexible as possible with these times but unfortunately cannot coordinate unscheduled pick-ups without prior bookings. You must call the store to book in a pick-up time and day. You can find more details on warehouse locations, pick-up times and booking details here. Your nearest store can be found here

    Pick up times below – pick up ONLY available with a booking:
    VIC: Mon-Fri 9.30am to 1.45pm, Sat 8am to 11am
    NSW: Tue – Fri 6am to 2pm, Sat 6am to 10am
    SA: Monday – Thursday: 9 to 3 pm, Friday 9 to 5pm, Saturdays 9 to 1pm
    Public Holidays – Closed

  • How do I make a warranty claim?

    At Focus we strive to provide quality products to all of our customers, however on the odd occasion a warranty claim may need to be made. Warranty claims are made through your store of purchase so please contact them to coordinate. Our full store listing can be found here> *Please note: subject to your rights under the ACL, you are responsible for all costs associated with the claim including all freightage and transport costs. You must provide sufficient evidence of proof of purchase to be entitled to claim. For more information on the terms of warranties please read here

  • I want to purchase online – how do I know if my item is in stock or how long the lead time is?

    Unfortunately, there is no way for us to clearly show stock levels or lead times on our website. For this reason, we request any specific product enquiry, be it stock levels, lead time or any other question be directed to your nearest store. They will be able to provide very specific detail about all items and may assist you with your online purchasing process. Our store directory can be found here

  • Can I pay to the delivery driver on the day?

    Of course you can! You can pay via credit card, mobile eftpos or bank cheque. We unfortunately cannot accept personal cheques or cash on final delivery. You can also pay via direct debit prior to your item being delivered but payment must be made at least 48 hours prior to your delivery to ensure payment has been validated and attributed to your order. If you have any further questions here please see our payment details: here

  • Why is there so much rubbish?

    Good question! We like to ensure we use more than adequate packaging to help protect your item as it makes it way to its new home. Ensuring you receive an item undamaged is always our number one priority. This means it might seem like there is lots of packaging, but we want to make sure your new item is 100% protected. Unfortunately – our drivers are usually full booked on the days deliveries – sometimes up to 50 deliveries a day - so as you can imagine, they do not have the space to take with them 50 lots of packaging. Sorry!

  • Do you offer layby?

    Yes we do! And we are one of the only large size bulky good retailers that do… we understand your house might not be finished or you might not be ready for your item but you want to take advantage of that good deal… we get it! We offer a 3 month option called EXTENDED order. Unfortunately, the extended order option is not available online but we are working on it. For more information please contact one of our sales staff at your closest store or find more details on EXTENDED orders here

  • Do you offer finance and what options are available?

    We understand – you want to furnish your entire space but can’t quite get the funds now, or – you just simply want to take advantage of our interest free payment plans… why not? With no interest it’s cheaper than your credit card! We have a number of finance options for you to explore and can tailor a package to every need. Just speak to one of our sales staff.

  • What does RTA mean when it is listed on the item description?

    RTA means READY TO ASSEMBLE. This means the delivery drivers do not assemble for you and it arrives in the packaging ready for you to assemble when you need. The reason for RTA? Sometimes RTA options reflect our best value items – in order to offer unbeatable value on these items, we ship them ready to assemble which saves on space so we can pass these savings on to you. Our friendly sales team are always on hand to offer advice or direction on any RTA items – and be confident, RTA items are in most cases very simple to assemble.

  • What if something doesn’t fit in the home?

    Unfortunately, given the nature of bulky goods we cannot offer a refund or cancellation simply because of change of mind or the item not fitting. The item becomes ‘second hand’ once in your home and cannot be re-sold in the same way, even if in your home of a matter of days. Dimensions are always readily available for you so you must measure if you are concerned about items fitting correctly. Please see our blog on top tips for measuring your new furniture