Timber Care

Get the most out of your timber furniture

When purchasing solid timber it is important to note that timber is a natural living product, which may continue to behave as an organic material, despite being manufactured. From time to time, timber can move, develop cracks and imperfections, it may swell or shrink and develop surface irregularities such as colour variation – which are all integral parts of solid, real timber. Its what makes each timber piece a unique and stunning addition to your home.

Here are some simple tips to care for your timber:

Avoid placing furniture around heater & air conditioner events

Too high or too low temperatures can cause timber to warp and/or split, or cause glue in veneers to loosen.

Dust frequently

The best cloth to use to clean and polish is soft cotton that has been washed several times to remove lint. Old towells, T-shirts, flannel, or cheesecloth are some good options. A damp clean cloth is all that is needed although wax can also be used. Most furniture care products can be found at your local hardware store.

Clean up spills immediately

Furniture can be wiped down with a damp cloth but try to blot the furniture where possible. If there should be a spillage of water, or any liquid, it should be wiped away immediately.

Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight

Sunlight and UV rays can have a bleaching effect on wood and and cause the timber to at times fade, or even shrink. Placing out of direct sunlight will maintain the longevity of your piece.

Rotate your accessories

Keeping your accessories in the same place over time can change the way the timber ages. A bowl over the same area can leave the covered area darker as it will not have naturally faded with the rest of the timber.

Use coasters, placemats and tablecloths

Some accessories can scratch or soften the finish. Always try to place coasters or cloths between accessories and pieces where possible.

Its is important to note that inevitably your furniture will age. It will incur dents and knocks from time to time as it becomes antique. Over time, light timbers darken and dark timbers will lighten, depending on environmental factors. These gradual changes however, only add individuality and character to your piece and are reasons solid timber products make stunning additions to your home.

*Whilst we happily offer product care and advice, the final outcome is the sole responsibility of the owner. Focus On Furniture will not accept any responsibility for the outcome of any advice followed by these guidelines and subsequent result.